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Bloomberg: Help & Training

Bloomberg Essentials

Update: Bloomberg has created a new training program to prepare users for its certificate.It's called Bloomberg Market Concepts. Please be aware that students will need to finish ALL four sections to for the certificate.

To access Market Concepts program, you will need to login to Bloomberg Terminal and key BMC <GO>. Here is a link to logging in instruction:

With your Bloomberg login information, you get access to the Bloomberg Essentials program. This programs allow you to receive training on specific aspects of the Bloomberg system followed by a test to demonstrate your knowledge of the system.  Access these training programs using the BESS function on the Bloomberg Terminals.

  1. Login to the Bloomberg Terminal using your own login name and password (If you do not have a login yet, see “Creating a Bloomberg Login”).
  2. Type the Bloomberg mnemonic “BESS” followed by <GO> into the command line located in the upper right corner.
  3. You should now be at the Bloomberg screen titled “Training Videos.” Follow the Bloomberg steps provided above or on your terminal screen in order to complete the training program.

Getting help

Once you have set up your login ID, you'll find that there are thousands of functions that you can do within the system. If you're having difficulty figuring out how to what you need to do in the system, you have several options.

  • Press the green HELP key once to see help related to the screen you're currently on;
  • Press the HELP key twice to open a live help option with Bloomberg representatives;
  • Type CHEAT and press GO to see cheat screens for different aspects of the system;
  • Type BU and press GO to access Bloomberg University and access cheat sheets, find seminars, and read about enhancements.

For more information, you can read Bloomberg Help Page.

Other Guides

A number of other libraries and universities have developed resource guides for Bloomberg. If you're looking for information and away from the help at the Bloomberg terminal, these are good places to check.