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Bloomberg: Basic Functions

Basic Functions

As you start using Bloomberg, here are some of the basic functions you might explore. Type in the function, then press <GO>

  • MAIN - Main menu
  • TOP - Today's top business and general news
  • FXIP - Foreign Exchange Information Platform
  • EQS - Equity Scan for companies that match your criteria
  • MOST - Most active stocks
  • IBQ - Industry Overviews
  • PEOP - People Search


Not sure what you're looking for yet, but want to start getting a feel for the system? Try some of these:

Market Data

Monitor Bonds:

PXI - GO: monitors U.S Treasury bonds, Dow, Nasdaq, S&P, as well as gold and oil market.

BTMM - GO: monitors all above plus a wide range of money market instruments, mortgage-based bonds, and currencies.


Monitor Equity:

WEI - GO: displays equity index movements from the globe.



ECO - GO: displays a list of upcoming economic data releases and consensus forecast.


Communicate with other users via email or instant message. Bloomberg email could not only communicate with other Bloomberg users, but also serve as a regular email to send messages to any other regular external email.


Access Top News:

TOP - GO   (On the result list, there will be sub-menus to break down.)

Top News Wires:

  • AP (US)
  • Press Association (UK)
  • DPA (Germany)
  • AFP (France)
  • Ansa (Italy)
  • Interfax (Russia)
  • Xinhua (China)
  • Canadian Press
  • Press Trust of India

Users can customize News and get real-time alerts.


Find cheat sheets and help documentation for all variety of securities and functions by entering BPS <GO>