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Mathematics & Statistics: Subject Guide: Finding Books

Reference Books on Mathematicians

Library Catalog Search

Use GIL-Find, GSU's library catalog, to find books, journals, microfilm, dissertations, movies, music, and more.

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Use these books, located on Library North 2, to look up definitions and explanations of mathematical and statistical topics. Also useful for reference lists of scholarly sources that can be used as sources for research papers.

Call Numbers

1.  Science books (Q's) are located on Library South 4th Floor.

2.  Reference Books are located on Library North 2nd Floor.

3.  Bound (older) science journals are located on Library South 3rd Floor.

4.  Current journals are located on Library North 1st Floor.

QA 1-74  General
QA 8  Philosophy
QA 9-10  Mathematical Logic
QA 11-20  Education. Study & Teaching

QA 39.2  Applied Mathematics (i.e., Business)
QA 47-59 Tables
QA 75 Calculating Machines

QA 77-149
 Popular Works. Elementary Education
QA 101-145 Elementary Mathematics, Arithmetic
QA 150-272  Algebra
QA 166-166.24  Graph Theory
QA 171.4  Set Theory
QA 174-183  Group Theory
QA 184-205  Linear Algebra. Matrices
QA 211-224  Equation Theory
QA 241-247.5  Number Theory. Algebraic Fields
QA 248  Set Theory. Fuzzy Sets
QA 267  Machine theory
QA 268  Coding Theory. Cryptography. Switching Theory
QA 269-272  Game Theory
QA 273  Probabilities
QA 274-275  Stochastic Processes
QA 276-280  Mathematical Statistics
QA 281-296  Interpolation. Sequences. Series
QA 297-299  Numerical Analysis
QA 300-439  Analysis
QA 303-316  Calculus
QA 319-329  Functional Analysis
QA 320  General Functional Analysis
QA 329  Operator Theory
QA 331-355  Theory of Functions
QA 331.5  Functions of Real Variables
QA 370-380  Differential Equations
QA 380  Bifurcation theory
QA 385-387  Continuous Groups
QA 401-425  Analytical Methods
QA 431  Difference, Functional, Integral Equations
QA 440-800  Geometry, Trigonometry, Topology
QA 564-609  Algebraic Geometry
QA 611-614  Topology. Knot Theory
QA 614.86  Fractals
QA 641-670  Differential Geometry
QA 801-939  Analytic Mechanics
QA 843-871  Dynamics
QA 901-930  Fluid Mechanics
QA 931-939  Elasticity. Plasticity
QA 276-280  Mathematical Statistics

GA 1-1776  Mathematical Geography
HB 135-143
 Mathematical, Quantitative Methods
HF 5687-5716  Business Mathematics
QC 19.2-20.7  Mathematical Physics
QH 323-359  Biostatistics
RA 407-415  Medical Statistics, Economics, Insurance

T 56.8-58.3  Applied Mathematics. Quantitative Methods