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Women's Collections: Subject Guide: Global Issues

Global Issues: Manuscript Collections

Nancy N. Boothe Papers, 1980-2009 (W079)
Born in Battles Wharf, Alabama (1948), Nancy N. Boothe graduated from the University of South Alabama as a registered nurse (1971). She received a B.S. in nursing from the Medical College of Georgia (1976), and a master's degree in Counseling from Troy State University [Florida Region] (1981). Boothe served in the U.S. Nurse Corps in the U.S. and Korea (1970-1984), and worked as clinical director and consultant at a number of health facilities in Louisiana and Florida. She became Executive Director of the Atlanta Feminist Women's Health Center in 1994. In 1995, she attended the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China, where she taught the workshop, "GYN Self-Help." Boothe has served on the boards of All Women's Health Services in Portland and Eugene, Oregon; the Sexual Assault Center, Atlanta, Georgia; and the Jeanette Rankin Foundation, Athens, Georgia. She is also a member of the Feminist Majority Foundation's "Women's Commission for Congressional Oversight" and A.P.D. Citizen Review Panel.

Maria Helena Dolan Papers (Q134)
Maria Helena Dolan is an activist, author and columnist. She helped to expand Atlanta's Pride March during the 1970s, and received national recognition for her "Defiant Dyke" speech at Atlanta's 1978 Anita Bryant protest. Her papers include newspaper clippings, reports, publications, textiles and artifacts, and they thoroughly document LGBTQ+ history locally, nationally and internationally.

Qiyamah A. Rahman Papers, 1989-1998 (W103)
Qiyamah A. Rahman worked as organizational developer of the Georgia Network Against Domestic Violence, currently known as the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence, between the years of 1987 and 1989. Her papers comprise printed material such as articles, essays, research papers, and newsletters related to the fight against women's domestic violence and various organizations in Georgia and nationwide advocating for this cause.

Refugee Women's Network Records, 1989-2012 (W096)
Refugee Women's Network is a national nonprofit organization created by women for women in 1995, that focuses on enhancing refugee and immigrant women's strengths, skills, and courage through leadership training, education and advocacy. Its records, 1989-2012, consist of correspondence, minutes, printed material, financial records, artifacts, textiles, photographs, and sound and audiovisual recordings.

Global Issues: Oral Histories

Nancy Boothe, July 3, 2007 (W071)
Nancy N. Boothe RN, MS, LPC received her undergraduate nursing degree at the Medical College of Georgia and completed her graduate work in counseling at Troy University. Her career spans 30 years of healthcare service as a nurse, therapist, hospital administrator, and Quality Iprovement Consultant. As the Executive Director of the Atlanta Feminist Women's Health Center, she has presented internationally promoting positive women's health policy. She has commented that the "degree of violence perpetuated against women worldwide is limited only by that which their government refuses to tolerate and when the community says "no more."

Lela Reis
Leola Reis was born in Montreal, Canada, in 1963 and graduated from Queens University with a B.A. in English. Reis began her work for Planned Parenthood of Georgia as a clinic counselor and a liaison for judicial bypass (1995-1997). Reis then became Planned Parenthood of Georgia’s Coordinator of Marketing, Communications, and Public Policy (1997), Director of Marketing, Communications, and Public Policy (1997), Vice President for Marketing and Communications (2000), and eventually Vice-President for External Affairs. Reis also served on the board of Refugee Family Services (2005-?), the Atlanta Women’s Foundation Grant Committee (2004), and a panel for the Alan Guttmancher Institute (2003). Reis was also involved in extensive volunteer work with First Line as an after-hours counselor, teaching a course called Judaism and Sexuality, as well as working as a facilitator at Juvenile Justice Fund’s Summit to End Sexual Exploitation (2006).

David Ross
Attorney David Ross served on the board of directors of Planned Parenthood of Atlanta from 1987-1990, was board chair from 1991-1992, and went on to serve the Planned Parenthood Federation of America from 1993-1994. Ross played a significant role in establishing a corps of local attorneys representing young women who were seeking judicial bypass after the passage of Georgia's parental notification law.

Global Issues: Periodicals

Women's Printed Collections: Periodicals

  • AGENDA (Durban, South Africa: AGENDA Collective), 1988?
  • Anti-Aparteid Movement Women's Committee Newsletter (London: Anti-Aparteid Movement), 1984
  • Change (Los Angeles, CA: The Center for the Pacific-Asian Family), 1996
  • Des Femmes en Mouvements Hebdo (Paris: Des Femmes en Mouvements Hebdo), 1979-1980
  • Development (Roma, Italy: Society for International Development), 1990
  • Dhwani: News Notes from Voices (Bangalore: Madhyam Communications), 1997
  • Feminist International (Tokyo, Japan: JAPAN, Feminist Inc.), 1980
  • IIAV International News (Amsterdam: International Cooperation (IC) Department of the International Information Centre and Archives for the Women's Movement (IIAV)), 2000-2004
  • Let the Other Half Speak: Newsletter of the Third World Women's Project (Washington, D.C.: Institute for Policy Studies), 1991
  • The Leveller (London: Leveller Magazine, Ltd.), 1982
  • Lila: Asia Pacific Women's Studies Journal (Manila, Philippines: Institute of Women's Studies), 1992
  • Links: A Newsletter on Gender for Oxfam Staff and Partners (Oxford : Oxfam), 1995
  • Lola Press: International Feminist Magazine (Berlin: LOLApress Europe; Montevideo: LOLApress Latinoamïica; Johannesburg: LOLApress Africa), 1995
  • Meridians: Feminism, Race, Transnationalism (Middletown, Conn: Wesleyan University Press), 2000-2006
  • NAPAWF Newsletter (Washingtion, D.C.: National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum), 2004
  • New Left Review (London), 1975
  • Newsletter / Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights = Red Mundial de Mujeres para los Derechos Reproductivos (Amsterdam: Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights):, 1994-1996
  • The Office for Women's Research Student Working Paper Series: Women in Hawaii, Asia and the Pacific, Volume 1 (Honolulu:
    University of Hawaii at Manoa), 1995
  • The Office for Women's Research Working Paper Series: Women in Hawaii, Asia and the Pacific, Volume 4 (Honolulu: University of
    Hawaii at Manoa), 1995
  • Refugees (Washington, D.C.: UN High Commissioner for Refugees), 2000
  • Revolutionary & Radical Feminist Newsletter (Leeds, England: Sheffield Women's Printing), 1985
  • Semillas Para el Cambio: Boletin del Centro de Ayuda a Victimas de Violacion (San Juan, P.R.: Centro de Ayuda a Victimas de
    Violacion), 1985
  • SPEAK (Durban, South Africa: SPEAK Collective), 1991; undated
  • The UNESCO Courier (Paris, France: UNESCO), 1975
  • UNESCO Features (Paris, France: UNESCO), 1975
  • Women and Global Corporations (Philadelphia, PA: National Women's Program, American Friends Service Committee), 1987
  • Women and Health in Japan (Osaka, Japan: Women's Center Osaka), 1996
  • Women of China (Peking, China: Foreign Language Press), 1995
  • Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (Philadelphia, PA: The League), 1977

Global Issues: Pamphlets

Women's Printed Collections: Pamphlets

  • Feminism--Great Britain (Box F-2)
  • Feminism--Italy (Box F-2)
  • Foreign study (Box F-2)
  • Sexism--Great Britain (Box S-2)
  • Suffragists--Great Britain (Box S-2)
  • Wife abuse--Great Britain (Box W-1)
  • Women labor union members--Europe (Box W-1)
  • Women--Employment--Developing countries (Box W-1)
  • Women in politics--Great Britain (Box W-5)
  • Women labor union members--Europe (Box W-5)
  • Women's rights--Great Britain (Box W-6)

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