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ANTH 4670/6670 Research Methods in Sociocultural Anthropology (Papavasiliou): Finding Articles

We have many more databases! Check other research guides or consult with me about search strategies for your topic.

Many databases give you only a citation telling you where to find the article, not the article itself.

Click the Find It @GSU button to open a window with links to the article you need.

If that fails, try searching for the journal title in GIL-Find, or use Interlibrary Loan (ILL) to request it from another library.

Lost? Stuck? Too many options? Ask a Librarian for help!

Annual Reviews

Annual Reviews are comprehensive literature reviews on topics - a great way to familiarize yourself with the research in an area and to mine the references for original research studies.

Start with these databases

More search tools to try

These are suggestions to give you ideas for other resources to search. Not all of these will be useful for every topic -- it depends on the group you're writing about and your individual take on the subject. Don't forget to check the full database list for more options.

Cited Reference Searching

Found an incredibly relevant source for your topic?  Do cited reference searches to find researchers who are citing that relevant source - their research might be relevant to you as well, and even more current.

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