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Cited Reference Searching: Cited Reference

Cited Reference Searching - Going "FORWARD"

Found an incredibly relevant source for your topic?  Do cited reference searches to find researchers who are citing that relevant source - their research might be relevant to you as well, and even more current. 

*Use Google Scholar or Web of Science for cited reference searching - see box at right for "HOW TO" tutorials.* 

Cited Reference Searching - HOW-TO tutorials:

Google Scholar - OFF CAMPUS

To set up in Google Scholar the fulltext links to GSU content from off campus:

1. On Google Scholar main page, click More and Settings in top right corner of screen.

2. At next screen click Library Links.

3. Search for Georgia State University, checkbox Georgia State University - FullText @ GSU, and click Save button.

Do a search, and click More and then Find It @ GSU to see full text availability at GSU.

*To set up WorldCat links for book searching, repeat Steps 1 & 2, then: Search for WorldCat, checkbox Open WorldCat - Library Search

*Watch above Steps*

Mining References - Going "BACK"

In addition to doing cited reference searches for a relevant source, mine its references for previously-published sources the authors are citing that might also be relevant to your research.