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ANTH 4670/6670 Research Methods in Sociocultural Anthropology (Papavasiliou): Finding

The library's catalog is called GIL-Find. It allows you to search for books and other items like DVDs, music recordings, and journals (but not individual articles).

Searching for books

In GIL-Find, enter keywords that describe your research topic. 

Locating a book in the library

Once you've found the book in the catalog, you'll need to get it from the shelf to check out.

Click the book's title and you'll see what campus and what area of the library the book is in, and the call number to find it on the shelf.Screenshot of book locations showing a book at Clarkston campus and one at Atlanta campus library

You have access to books from many libraries.

Call numbers and browsing

Books are shelved by topic, so check nearby on the shelf for related sources, or click "Virtual Browse" in GIL-Find to see books in the same area.