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GIS Resources: GIS Workshops

Geographic Information Systems

GIS Workshops

Links to past recordings of the GIS workshop series can be found using the following links:

GIS1 - Getting Started:

GIS2 - Spatial Analysis and Arc Toolbox

Pre-Workshop Instructions: 

For attendees who wish to participate and engage with the hands-on portions of the GIS workshop, attendees will need to have access to ArcGIS on their personal computers.  For GSU students, faculty, and staff, the following options are available:

  1. Download the software from GSU IT Software Page: Download ArcGIS
    GSU students, faculty, and staff can download ArcGIS.  See the GSU Software site for more information. Once you log in to the software download hub you need to install ArcGIS Desktop 10.7.1. To activate the software after installation please contact John Tougas at
  2. Connect to GSU vLab and use ArcGIS remotely on a virtual computer:
    Please find more information about the Virtual Lab at GSU here:
    vLab Connection steps: