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GIS Resources: ArcGIS Storymaps

Geographic Information Systems
ArcGIS Storymaps is a new online tool for sharing and telling stories with the easy incorporation of geographic and spatial elements that contextualize the "where" of the story, through the use of maps and real-world spatial data.
  •      Based on ESRI online
  •      Works similar to PowerPoint, can tell any story in a continuous fashion
  •      Easily add vital geographic context through maps, timelines, integrated carrousels, map tours as well as through general ArcPro integration and sharing of map features.
  •      Membership provided through GSU, using single-sign-on, for current students and faculty
  •      Storymaps is hosted online by ESRI and will be available to view after you have graduated/are no longer with GSU


Additional Resources

Some Good Examples

ArcGIS Storymap Recorded Workshop

ArcGIS Storymaps recorded workshop available to introduce you to and help understand the functionality of the ESRI online tool, ArcGIS Storymaps. Storymaps in hosted online and there are no required downloads. This workshop is based on online, public data that can be substituted for your own to follow along.

Instructions for Following Along:

  • Plan to have your GSU Sign-on device available 
  • Have a plan before starting if you would like to substitute your own data
    • use the "Outline Document for Story Planning" available on this page
  • Collect media pieces such as photos in one place for easy placement
  • Research maps and other geographic resources you wish to incorporate


Getting Started with Storymaps: Guide

Getting Started in ArcGIS Storymaps:

*Online based tool with no downloads.

1. Go to


            Use the “Sign in” button.


            Select “Your ArcGIS organization’s URL.”


            Type “gsu” in the space provided, to complete the url.


            Select the Georgia State University tab.

6. Follow prompts to log in using GSU single sign-on.

7. Once logged in, you may begin and/or manage your projects.

8. To begin a new project, use the “New Story” button in the upper right.

9. Begin creating a storymap using the following options, although they all allow for the same functionality!

10. Add elements to your project using the PLUS sign.

11. Preview and Publish using tool at the top of the page.

Additional Video Resources