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GIS Resources: GIS
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Geographic Information Systems

Need GIS assistance?

Look in this DATA VISUALIZATION box for who can help!

Data, Data and More Data

With so much GIS data available, it is impossible to list everything.  Therefore, this guide is not meant to be comprehensive.  This guide is meant to serve as a starting point for GIS data discovery.  It also serves as an entry point for data that with some basic work can be transformed into GIS data.  

Professional Certificate in GIS

Want to learn more about GIS?  Consider getting a Professional Certificate in GIS from the Department of Geosciences at GSU.  The Department of Geosciences offers GIS courses from beginning to advanced levels. 

ArcGIS Software On Campus

ArcGIS is a geographic information system software suite that allows users to create, manipulate, analyze and display geographic information.  Where can you access this software?

  • Access ArcGIS Online
    Select Sign In in the upper right, then click Georgia State University to sign on with your CampusID and Password

NOTE: ArcGIS Pro is only available for Windows/PC computers – it is not available for Macs.

Opening ArcGIS Pro from GSU campus computers

NOTE: Most GSU campus computer labs will have ArcGIS Pro preinstalled. If you are a GSU employee who needs ArcGIS Pro installed on a GSU-owned computer or in a department lab, contact your department’s IT support.

1. Click the start button in the lower left of your screen (the Windows icon) and look for the folder titled ArcGIS. Open that folder and select ArcGIS Pro to start.

2. When you open ArcGIS Pro for the first time, it will ask you to login. Select Sign In Using Browser at the bottom right corner of the popup window. The login window that will appear will most likely look like this:

Though it’s possible you’ll get this screen with a blue error message in the right corner:

If you see this second screen, click Sign In at upper right corner – you’ll be led to the correct login screen. 

3. Once at the sign-in screen, click the Your ArcGIS organization’s URL option, and type gsu into the field and click Continue button. It should look like this:

4. Login with your GSU CampusID/password as usual. You’ll have to do the dual authentication (DUO), again using your GSU CampusID/password.

5. Once you complete your login, ArcGIS Pro will appear with your information in the top right corner. Success! You’ll remain logged in on your profile until you log out, or until IT decides to reset you. Which could happen anytime, so remember these login steps.

Installing and Opening ArcGIS Pro on your Own Computer

NOTE: ArcGIS Pro is only available for Windows/PC computers – it is not available for Macs.

1. Go to, click Sign In in upper right corner, and click Georgia State University button.

2. Login using your GSU CampusID/paswword, and complete dual authentication (DUO), again using your GSU CampusID/password.

3. Click your name in upper right corner, then click My settings.

4. On My settings page, at left-hand menu click Licenses, then scroll to and click Download ArcGIS Pro. Follow the steps for installing.

5. After installation, follow steps 1-5 in "Opening ArcGIS Pro" section above to open ArcGIS Pro.