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GIS Resources: GIS
at GSU

Geographic Information Systems

Data, Data and More Data

With so much GIS data available, it is impossible to list everything.  Therefore, this guide is not meant to be comprehensive.  This guide is meant to serve as a starting point for GIS data discovery.  It also serves as an entry point for data that with some basic work can be transformed into GIS data.  

Professional Certificate in GIS

Want to learn more about GIS?  Consider getting a Professional Certificate in GIS from the Department of Geosciences at GSU.  The Department of Geosciences offers GIS courses from beginning to advanced levels. 

ArcGIS Software On Campus

ArcGIS is a geographic information system software suite that allows users to create, manipulate, analyze and display geographic information.  Where can you access this software?


How to log into ArcGIS Pro:

1. When the installation is complete, you can select the prompt to Open ArcGIS Pro OR locate ArcGIS Pro in your Windows Start Menu. 

2. When ArcGIS Pro opens, you will be prompted for log in credentials.

3. In the lower right corner of the window, click the ‘Sign In using Browser’ link.  

4. Select "Your ArcGIS organization's URL".

5. Type ‘gsu’ in the field to complete the ‘’. Click Continue.

6. Click on the blue ‘Georgia State University’ button, and go through the GSU Single Sign On pages and Duo two-factor authentication.


7. After completing the browser login, ArcGIS Pro should open up to the Start Page (you may need to click OK to the prompt asking to Open ArcGIS Pro).

*If your sign-in times out, go back to step 3