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FI 4040: Foundations of International Finance: Article Databases

Scholarly Article Databases

Database Search Tips

Boolean - Use AND & OR to narrow or broaden your search results

Narrow: information security AND management

Broaden: information systems OR information technology

Truncation- Use a truncation symbol (usually an asterisk *) to look for varying word endings.

politic* = politics, politician, political etc.

Subject terms- When you find a relevant article, click on it and look for a list of subject terms. Clicking on a subject term will bring up other related articles

Locating articles If the article is available from the database you are using, you will see a direct link to a full-text copy of the article (PDF or HTML full-text)  

  • If the article is NOT available in full-text from the database, click the Find it @ GSU button 
  • If we have access to the article through another database you will be directed to it
  • If we only have the article in print you will see a link to GIL (our catalog)
  • If we do not have the article in either format you will see a link to request it through interlibrary loan

News Sources