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Statistics and Data: Collecting New Data

One-stop-shopping for statistics and raw data in social science disciplines.

Want to collect your own new data for a research project? Below are some resources you might find helpful.

Qualtrics Survey Tool


Collect your own data using Qualtrics, a survey construction and data collection/evaluation tool that is available to the GSU community.

Key information sites for GSU's IRB/Human Subjects Office

If you're going to be doing research that involves interaction with human subjects - regardless of whether it's quantitative or qualitative - you will likely need to complete an IRB (Institutional Review Board) application detailing the processes you will take to protect the study participants. Below are some key sites on the GSU IRB Office's page.

Finding Existing Survey Instruments & Measurement Scales

Below are tools and tips for finding existing survey instruments and measurement scales to use in your own research.

Another good way to identify survey instruments/measurement scales for your own research is to read the published empirical research on your topic and see what those researchers used--you might then be able to find that survey instrument/measurement scale in the resources below or contact the researcher(s) to see if they'll share it with you.