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Statistics and Data: Collecting New Data

One-stop-shopping for statistics and raw data in social science disciplines.

Want to collect your own new data for a research project? Below are some resources you might find helpful.

Qualtrics Survey Tool


Collect your own data using Qualtrics, a survey construction and data collection/evaluation tool that is available to the GSU community.

Research on Human Subjects? IRB is in your near future!

Be it quantitative surveys or qualitative interviews, if you're collecting data from people, you have to get trained regarding ethical research on human subjects (CITI training) and also get your research projects involving human subjects approved by the University's Institutional Review Board (IRB) via the iRIS online IRB application system.

Identifying Existing Surveys, Survey Questions, and Measurement Scales

Resources for finding existing surveys/measurement scales to use and/or adapt for your own data-collection needs: