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Clarkston Library Content - Handouts: Immigration

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Immigration Selected Sources

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Academic Search Complete: General and scholarly magazine and journal articles on every imaginable subject.

Films on Demand for videos about immigration and more.

: Scholarly, full-text social science (includes immigration) articles.

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Statistical Abstract of the United States -- Find statistics about United States immigration and many other topics.

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Selected Immigration Sources

Immigration, diversity, and multiculturalism are hot, perennial, research topics. This guide page lists books, eBooks, and databases that provide background information for and a place to launch your immigration paper, PowerPoint, or other project. The print sources are mainly at Clarkston, but the eBooks and articles, are available through the the library's databases. Make sure you are logged in, if you are off campus.

Immigrants in the United States
Becoming American: Why Immigration Is Good for Our Nation's Future EBook Central
Children of Immigrants at School : A Comparative Look at Integration in the United States and Western Europe EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Crossing Borders EBSCOHost Academic eBook Collection
Crossings to Adulthood: How Diverse Young Americans Understand and Navigate Their Lives Ebook Central
The DREAMers : How the Undocumented Youth Movement Transformed the Immigrant Rights Debate EBSCOHost eBook Central
Dreams and Nightmares : Immigration Policy, Youth, and Families EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Global Crossings : Immigration, Civilization, and America Ebook Central
How Many Is Too Many? : The Progressive Argument for Reducing Immigration into the United States Ebook Central
Immigrant America: A Portrait Ebook Central
Immigration and Illegal Aliens: Burden or Blessing? GVRL
Immigration and Women : Understanding the American Experience EBSCOHost Academic eBook Collection

Immigrants in the United States Continued
Immigration, Emigration, and Migration : NOMOS LVII Ebook Central
Immigration: Examining the Facts Ebook Central
Legal and Illegal Immigration GVRL
In Jackson Heights Kanopy Streaming Video
Naturalization, Immigration and Citizenship : Select U.S. Policies EBSCOHost Academic eBook Collection
Road to Citizenship : What Naturalization Means for Immigrants and the United States Ebook Central
U. S. Immigration in the Twenty-First Century : Making Americans, Remaking America Ebook Central

Immigration: The Southern Border and Current Enforcement
Detain and Deport : The Chaotic U. S. Immigration Enforcement Regime Ebook Central
Here We May Rest : Alabama Immigrants in the Age of HB 56 Ebook Central
Immigrants Raising Citizens: Undocumented Parents and Their Children Ebook Central
Immigration Nation: Raids, Detentions, and Deportations in Post-9/11 America JV6483 .G64 2012
Immigration Outside the Law Ebook Central
Latino Threat : Constructing Immigrants, Citizens, and the Nation Ebook Central
Mexicans in the Making of America EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Migra! : A History of the U. S. Border Patrol Ebook Central
New Deportations Delirium : Interdisciplinary Responses Ebook Central
No One Is Illegal : Fighting Racism and State Violence on the U.S.-Mexico Border Ebook Central
Returned : Going and Coming in an Age of Deportation Ebook Central
Those Damned Immigrants : America's Hysteria over Undocumented Immigration Ebook Central
Unaccompanied Alien Children in the United States : Issues and Trends EBSCOHost Academic eBook Collection
Undocumented Immigrants in an Era of Arbitrary Law : The Flight and the Plight of People Deemed 'Illegal' Ebook Central

Immigration History
American Passage: The History of Ellis Island JV6484 .C366 2009
Chinatown Files American History in Video
Deportation in the Americas: Histories of Exclusion and Resistance Ebook Central
Destination America American History in Video
Ellis Island Films on Demand
Ellis Island History Reference Center
Ellis Island Nation : Immigration Policy and American Identity in the Twentieth Century Ebook Central
Immigrants: Your Country Needs Them History Reference Center
Immigrationn Paradox Kanopy Streaming Video
National Insecurities : Immigrants and U.S. Deportation Policy Since 1882 EBSCOHost Academic eBook Collection
Safe Haven? : A History of Refugees in America Ebook Central
Toward a Better Life: America's new Immigrants in Their own Words: From Ellis Island to the Present JV6450 .C63 2011