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Bloomberg: Getting Started


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Laura Carscaddon
Library South 542 (Subject Librarian suite)

Find a Bloomberg Terminal On Campus

RCB                                                      7 Terminals

1 at 2nd floor (Econ Forecasting), 1 at 6th floor (CMC), 1 at 11th floor (RMI), and 4 at 12th floor (Finance).

Atlanta Campus Library                     2 Terminals

Available in CURVE, which is located on the second floor of library south.

Law Library                                          1 Terminal 

Andrew Young School                        1 Terminal

Buckhead                                             2 Terminals

(Restricted only to students taking class at Buckhead campus)

Alpharetta                                            1 Terminal

Located at the computer lab.

Setting up an account

In order to use the Bloomberg Terminal, you will first need to create a login name and password. In order to receive your validation code, you will need a phone with voice or texting ability.

  • Log on to the terminal. The Bloomberg application will open automatically.
  • Press the red <CONN DEFAULT> key once. 
  • Press the <GO> key
  • Complete the required information. Depending upon your selection, you will receive a call or a text message with your validation code shortly.
  • Enter the validation code. Make a note of your login name.
  • You may now login from the main page.

Understand the Keyboard

These files from Bloomberg will help you set up your account and understand the Bloomberg keyboard.