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Mathematics & Statistics: Faculty

What the Library Can Do for You

What Can Your Subject Specialist Do For You?

Information Literacy Instruction
Important Links: Library Instruction | Departmental Instruction Plan | Instruction Menu | Request Course Reserves
I will teach library information sessions for many situations, from an introduction to the GSU library to searching specific databases for upper-level assignments. In addition to the topics covered in the Instruction Menu, I can personalize class sessions to cover research for specific assignments, scholarly communication in the sciences, and more. I am also willing to hold workshops or lectures for faculty and graduate students, covering topics such as scholarly communication, open access, and more.

Collection Development
Important Links: Mathematics & Statistics Collection Development Policy | Mathematics & Statistics New Books
I welcome suggestions for books and other resources you would like the library to purchase; email any suggestions to me or your book chair. I will also purchase books based on your research interests and our Mathematics & Statistics collection development policy. Feel free to suggest any additions to our collection development policy and/or notify me on new research interests.

Online Resources
Important Links: Mathematics & Statistics Research Guides | Sample Course Guide (Chemistry)
The Mathematics & Statistics research guide will serve as an online guide for undergraduate and graduate students, providing a convenient collection of annotated resources useful for research, writing, and keeping current in the field. I am also interested in creating course-specific research guides, tailored to your particular classes or even single assignments.

Research Help
Important Links: Faculty Research Portal

I am available for students to receive in-depth, subject-specific research help; students are encouraged to contact me through email or phone to schedule consultations. For classes with a library research component, particularly writing papers, I encourage faculty to include my contact information on the syllabus to give students the best help possible. I am also available to assist faculty research, including literature reviews, determining citation metrics, and more.

In addition to these areas, I am open to collaboration to develop other services.  Other Georgia State subject librarians have worked with teaching faculty to develop assignments, held office hours in classroom or departmental space, attended faculty meetings, talked with faculty and graduate students about publication and tenure, and more. If you think I might be of use in some way, ask! 

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