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Media Industries: Company Info

Resources for researching the business side of the entertainment industries.

Who Owns Who?

Who Owns What?
from Columbia Journalism Review has the most comprehensive guide to media conglomerates has an interactive guide.

Company Research Databases

All databases are accessible off-campus with campus ID & password authentication.

Database Name What it's good for...
Business Market Research Collection: Hoover's

Accessing Hoover's company profiles, which contain:

  • Basic company info
  • Company History
Mergent Online
  • Subsidiaries list (with conglomerate-owned percentages)
  • Detailed info on company leadership--ages, salaries
  • Competitors list
  • 10-K reports
  • Annual reports
Business Source Complete
  • Basic company info
  • SWOT reports

What the *#$& is a SWOT Report and how do you get one?

SWOT stands for

Strengths    Weaknesses    Opportunities    Threats

  • Prepared by companies like Datamonitor and MarketLine: impartial financial research firms
  • Think of them like a doctor’s medical chart: meant to give a quick overview of the patient’s health (but the patient = a large corporation)

How to get a SWOT report:

  1. Go to Business Source Complete
  2. Go to the Advanced Search, type in the company name, and select "CO Company Entity" from the "Select a Field" menu:

  3. Limit to SWOT Analyses only by clicking "Show More" in the Source Types area (under "Refine Results"):

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What's a 10-K???

For quick definitions of business terms,
check out to the
Washington Post's
Business A to Z