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LibKey Nomad

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that helps connect you to library-licensed content and open access articles when you are browsing the web outside of the library's webpages and databases. It is active at sites researchers commonly visit, including publisher sites, Wikipedia, and PubMed. When using LibKey Nomad, you are automatically directed to the best available version of an article for instant download, so there is no need to search multiple places. If the full text is not available within GSU subscribed content, you will be provided with options to request the article through InterLibrary Loan.

This extension works with most browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox. You do not need to create an account to use LibKey Nomad;  however, you may be prompted to authenticate into GSU's OpenAthens system in order to access library subscribed content.

Getting Started:

  1. Visit the LibKey Nomad site and install the extension for your preferred browser(s).
  2. Select "Georgia State University" as your organization.
  3. The LibKey Nomad logo (small green flame) will appear at the top right of browser window. When you are on a page where you can download an article or take another action, the LibKey Nomad button will appear.



Publisher Sites: On publisher sites such as SpringerLink, you will see a LibKey Nomad button in the lower right corner that provides a link to download the PDF through GSU Library. If the full text is not available through GSU Library subscriptions, you will see an "Access Options" button that will enable you to make an ILL request.

Wikipedia: You will also see LibKey Nomad options when viewing the list of references for Wikipedia entries. If the full text is available through GSU Library, a "Download PDF" button will appear. An "Article Link" button may appear for citations that are from sources that do not support direct linking to the PDF. If the article is not available via open access or through a LibKey compatible GSU Library subscription, an "Access Options..." button appears. You either be directed to non LibKey compatible resources (such as many GALILEO aggregated databases) or to an ILL request option.

LibKey Nomad on Wikipedia

PubMed: LibKey Nomad behaves much the same way in PubMed, except you may also see links to complete journal issues. This allows for browsing the table of contents for the issue in which an article appears, increasing the chance that you will discover similar articles in the same publication.

LibKey Nomad with PubMed

NEW! For eBooks:


Starting in February 2022, LibKey Nomad will extend its access solution beyond scholarly articles and to E-Books held by libraries!  The same clear linking concept utilized for articles will be extended to E-books in several different contexts.

Like LibKey Nomad's linking for articles, E-book detection on pages is possible on a number of different publisher sites as well as popular platforms including:

  • Amazon
  • Wikipedia
  • Google Books