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LibKey Link

LibKey Link streamlines access to full text content and it is integrated into many of our library databases. You don't need to do anything special to use it - it works behind the scenes once you click the "Find It @ GSU" button on a citation.

Navigating the LibKey landing page

The LibKey landing page appears the first time an article is searched during a browsing session, and allows you to choose your format preference. There are several components to this page:

  1. Choose your format preference from the available format options. Generally these are the PDF or the article link (html full text on the publisher’s site). In some cases, direct linking to the PDF is not available, so the article link may be the only option.
  2. If you check this box, the format choice is remembered in future sessions in the same browser for 24 hours. Future clicks on “Find It @ GSU will then bypass this “format chooser” landing page in favor of a direct link to the PDF or html.
  3. This option takes you to the table of contents view in BrowZine, so you can browse other articles in the same publication.
  4. Use this option if you are having trouble accessing the direct link or if you want to view the full list of article access options. This will take you to a page in GIL-Find where you can check GSU's library holdings for the journal or submit an ILL request.

LibKey format chooser page