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Using Copyrighted Materials in Instruction: Using Copyrighted Works

Covers copyright in general, exceptions, permissions, licensing, ereserves, course management systems

University System of Georgia Copyright Policy

It is incumbent on all instructors to follow the University System of Georgia Policy on the Use of Copyrighted Materials in Education and Research. The policy is focused on respecting the rights of copyright holders and on the use of copyrighted works in teaching, research, and service. It has a section on Fair Use, and explains rules for electronic reserves, which also apply to course management systems like iCollege.

Statutory Exceptions to Exclusive Rights

The exclusive rights of copyright holders are limited by a number of statutory exceptions. Particularly relevant to instruction are exceptions for:

Making Use of a work

You can make use of a work if:

  • It is in the Public Domain
    • U.S. government work (not copyrightable)
    • Expired copyright (mostly more than 95 years old)
  • Georgia State has a license (quick search in the box below)
  • An exception applies (fair use, face-to-face)
  • The terms Terms of Use allow your use (Website, Creative Commons)
  • You have explicit Permission/License

If none of these apply, don’t use the work. If you would like help locating a work you can use that will meet your instructional needs, contact your subject librarian.

Use this box to search for licensed electronic journals: