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Using Copyrighted Materials in Instruction: E-Reserves and iCollege/D2L

Covers copyright in general, exceptions, permissions, licensing, ereserves, course management systems

University System of Georgia Copyright Policy

The University System of Georgia Copyright Policy applies to library e-reserves and to course management (iCollege/Canvas).


Electronic Reserves

  • Instructors know the details of the work and its intended use, so the instructor must evaluate whether permissions or a license are needed or whether the use of the work is a fair use. Instructors must fill out the Fair Use Checklist for each work relying on fair use and must KEEP A COPY that can be produced upon request.
  • Instructors must provide a citation for the work. It will not be posted without attribution.
  • The instructor must provide a lawful copy if the library does not have a copy. Photocopies are not acceptable.
  • The library will password restrict access to the work.
  • The library will terminate access at the end of the semester and remove the materials.
  • There is no charge for the use of e-reserves.
  • Where the library already licenses the work, a link to the work will be used instead of a copy.
  • Instructors can submit requests for items to be placed on e-reserve online.
  • Students can access e-reserves online.

Course Management System (iCollege/Canvas)

  • The USG Copyright Policy applies to:
    • Course Management Systems
    • Faculty/Departmental Websites
  • Course Management Systems are not face-to-face teaching
  • The Library does not manage Course Management Systems.
    • Contact the Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning & Online Education for assistance. For questions about copyright in the CMS, contact the Office of Legal Affairs.
  • Instructors must tell students not to copy or distribute works in the CMS.