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ENI 3102: Product-Service Design for New Ventures.: Module #6: Competitive Positioning

ENI 3101/3102

1. Industry Search

Performing industry research is a skill that you will use beyond your time in school, and for many similar reasons. The tool on this page is a small portion of what is accessible through the GSU Library.

  • IBISWorld is an excellent resource for understanding an industry, including the current issue and the major US competitors.
  • ABI/INFORM provides industry reports for countries overseas.


3. Mapping Your Business Location & Customer Base

When finding the physical location for your startup, consider using SimplyAnalytics to locate a business location at the center of your customer base.  To learn how to use SimplyAnalystics you can sign for the workshop offered GSU Library. 

2A. Finding Your Customer Base

To learn more about your customer groups and customer base, use MRI Simmons:

  • MRI Simmons Insights is a database providing data about consumer behavior, media consumption, and attitudes. 
  • For your startup, use the Quick Report function to find demographics reports on your customer groups, including your core customer base and your customer bases based on your distribution channels. 

2B. Background and Trends for Your Startups