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ENI 3102: Product-Service Design for New Ventures.: Getting Started

ENI 3101/3102

Project Rublic

Using Lean Canvas

Information/Data to complete for your template

1. Customer Segments: Customers Vs. Users, Buyers Vs. Sellers, Early Adopters

2.  Problems (Top 3): The Whys?  Existing alternatives or competitors

3. Unique Value Proposition:  Meeting customer's needs/ high-concept pitch

4. Solution: Deliver Value at Minimum Value Product (MVP)? Continuous Improvements

5. Channels: Path to customers, scalable channels

6. Revenue Streams: Pricing - value vs. cost based at early adopters

7. Key Metrics: Measuring success

8. Cost Structure: Fixed and Variable costs, break even point

9. Unfair Advantage: Competitive advantage, barriers to entry

One-button Studio - Presentation

The library has one of the One-Button Presentation studios available on campus where your group can practice and record your consulting presentations.