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ENI 3102: Product-Service Design for New Ventures.: Module 11 - Opportunity Screening

ENI 3101/3102

Discover Tool - Background Info

Databases for Opportunities Screening


IBISWorld - Opportunities and Competitors in the Industries

IBISWorld is our most comprehensive source of industry level data.  You can search for industry information by industry keywords, company name, or industry code.

It also includes "Business Environment Reports" that offer short summaries of data and analysis on over 250 economic drivers, categorized in seven “environments” that surround the economy.


Demographics - US Census Mapping

Quality demographic information is important when developing business and marketing plans.  Social Exlorer is a mapping tool based on the US Census to help you assess your market by allowing you to map demographic and economic data. 

Finding Your Customer Base

University Reporter (formerly MediaMark Reporter or MRI+) is a database that contains information about purchasers of brands, product types and media consumers.  This database can help you identify your customer base based on your products or services, pricing levels, and where and how the products were purchased,. The data is drawn from MRI's Survey of the American Consumer.  

Note: To access University Reporter, contact your business librarian, Dan Le (, for the registration code to register for an account.