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HIST 2110 Primary Sources Assignment: Sources in Databases

Some of Georgia State University Library's databases include historical magazines, newspapers, and images.

You can use these for primary source research by looking at articles and images contemporary to the time of the incident you are researching.

Which of these databases fit the time and location of the event you are researching?


Historical New York Times - PRIMARY SOURCES

ProQuest American Periodicals


1. Choose a database that includes items from the date(s) you are researching.

2. Use the database's limiters to focus your search, especially the date and type of resource.

3. To get more results, try searching for synonyms or related terms for your original search terms.

Databases from the library homepage

All databases are available from the Library homepage:

Image of the library homepage. Click on the first letter of the name of the database.


Need background information on your topic? Try your textbook or GVRL.