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CIS 8080: Company Information

Annual Reports (Form 10-K)

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires every public company to file a Form 10-K annual report which gives a detailed summary of a company's financial performance. Several of the library's databases provide access to annual reports.

Financial Statements

Financial statements are comprised of a balance sheet, income statement, retained earnings and cash flow. A few of our database provide complete access to financial statements. Form 10-K annual reports might not include all of the information on a company's financial statements. So to better understand a company's financial health, financial statements can be very helpful.

Analyst Reports (or Stock Reports)

Analyst Reports (or Stock Reports) contain buy, sell, or hold recommendations for a company's stock. They are produced by professional research analysts who are employed by firms that have an interest in selling securities. These are very helpful if you are doing a company analysis. Several library databases provide access to analyst reports.