National History Day

Research Round Up

See the GSU Library logo on the Georgia NHD Roundup page for information about this year's Round Up.

What’s Offered?

  • Orientation workshop on navigating library resources, including primary and secondary sources
  • Access to historical materials relevant to the NHD community
  • Librarians on hand to offer guidance and provide help

Who Will Benefit?

Regional middle or high school teachers and students who are involved in the creation of National History Day projects

Why should I encourage my students to attend?

The Research Round-up Day hosted by the Georgia State University Library can help high school students fulfill National History Day project requirements. The workshop sessions are specifically designed to teach high school & middle school students research skills that will allow them to successfully gather sources that fully represent the context of the piece of history they are studying.

The workshop sessions also fit with the Georgia Department of Education standards for 9-12 Social Studies. The archival materials included in the workshops and the available secondary sources fulfill educational standards by covering many of the key historical dates, events, and topics mentioned in the performance standards, particularly in the U.S. History, World History, and American Government. Information processing skills, such as analyzing an artifact and formulating a research question, will also be covered in detail.