Women's March on Washington: Collecting Fun!

Group Trip to Talking Rock, Georgia

On Sunday, March 26, a group of six volunteers traveled to Talking Rock, Georgia to conduct interviews. Marie Head and her husband Don hosted the interviewers and interviewees. We set up our equipment in three rooms - the master bedroom, a spare bedroom, and the enclosed porch. Throughout the day, we ate, chatted (quietly!), and hugged as we conducted six separate interviews. Our marchers came armed with signs, clothing, photographs, and paper records, and they are now safely stored in Special Collections at GSU. 

Georgia State University's Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning supplied additional cameras and audio recorders, and two of our volunteer,s, Alex McGee and Karen Stephens also came armed with an audio recorder and a video recorder. 


Marie Head and Karen Stephens (left)

Melissa Schellack, Nora and Leah Lefkowitz (right)







Calvin Smith and Erica Hague (left)

Susan Justicz and Alex McGee (right)







Wendy Yandle-Smith and Karen Carson (left)

Lynn Turner and Karen Stephens (right)






Calvin Smith and Wendy Yandle-Smith (left)

Michelle Schellack and Nora (right)

Group Trip to Clayton, Georgia

On April 23, 2017, we traveled to Clayton, GA, to capture the stories of four marchers, Marie Dunkle, Patricia Howell, Liza Strub, and Shannon Webb. Atlanta volunteer, Schaune Griffin was able to organize interview space in the offices of a local friend. Carol Oeder and Liza Strub live in North Georgia and were more than happy to get to work!






Marie Dunkle and Carol Oeder (left)
Patricia Howell and Liza Strub (right)







Liza Strub and Morna Gerrard (left)
Shannon Webb and Schaune Griffin (right)


Kate Woeber and Nicole Carlson: A very rainy night in Georgia


On June 14, 2017, Lisa Flaherty and Morna Gerrard interviewed Nicole Carlson and Kate Woeber at Nicole's home. While Lisa interviewed Nicole in the bedroom, Morna interviewed Kate in the dining room, and Kate's daughter sat, quiet as a mouse in the living room. Outside, the rain poured down!






Lisa Flaherty and Nicole Carlson

Morna Gerrard and Kate Woeber



Group Trip to Savannah Georgia

On July 15, 2017, a group of four interviewers and a very helpful tech-support husband took over parts of the Georgia Historical Society in Savannah, GA. Aided and abetted by archivist Lynette Stoudt (who acted as first point of contact) and Katharine Rapkin, who scheduled and organized, and came to work early and left work late, we were able to conduct interviews with 12 marchers. Recording equipment was set up in three staff offices, and tech support (recharging and video/audio upload) took place in the corner of the Society's reading room. We were excited to record our first interviews with marchers who attended the Savannah protest. Marchers who attended the Washington D.C. March brought their striking, coordinated signs so that we could photograph them.

Once again, GSU's Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning provided video recorders.



Michelle Pompei and Erica Hague (left)
Coco Papy and Alex McGee (right)







Carmen Evans and Erica Hague (left)
Michelle Riley and Lisa Flaherty (right)







Katherine Oxnard Ellis and Morna Gerrard (left)
Tracy Brisson, Joshua Nichols and Erica Hague (right)






Linda Wilder Bryan and Lisa Flaherty (left)
Cora Registre and Alex McGee (right)







Amanda Hollowell and Erica Hague (left)
Carol and Joel Greenberg with Morna Gerrard (right)







Katharine Rapkin (left)
Dave Klump (right)


Trip to Savannah, GA



On November 30 and December 1, 2017, Morna Gerrard took possession of an office at the Georgia Historical Society, where she conducted five interviews. The interviewees included Clinton Edminster, Molly Hayden, Katharine Rapkin, Tania Sammons and Scott Stanton (Panhandle Slim). As always, the Historical Society staff were incredibly helpful and generous of spirit!






Clinton Edninster (left) and Katharine Rapkin (right)










Tania Sammons (left) and
Scott Stanton (Panhandle Slim) (right)







Archivist Katharine Rapkin had saved some cardboard for Scott!

Trip to Savannah, GA

January 12-14, 2018: Archivist, Morna Gerrard was invited to Athens to speak at an event celebrating the anniversary of the Women's Marches. While she was in the city, she took the opportunity to  interview two dear friends, Mary Carter and Janie Brodhead. The interviews were conducted in Morna's hotel room because the Historical Society was closed.

Mary Carter (left) and Janie Brodhead (right)







Janie Brodhead

Volunteer Trip to Clayton, GA

Group Trip to Athens, GA

On Saturday, February 24, a group of volunteers spent the day in the lovely home of Angela Stanley. Four interviews were conducted, with Jennie Cain, Lacy Runge, Alex McGee and Tai Sherman. It was wonderful to FINALLY be able to conduct interviews in Athens: we had scheduled a visit twice before but were thwarted by snow and the flu!




Jennie Cain and Alex McGee (left); Lacy Runge and
Leah Lefkowitz (right)







Tai Sherman and Morna Gerrard (left); volunteers break
for lunch! (right)






Group Trip to Athens, GA

On Sunday, May 6, a archivist, Morna Gerrard returned to Athens with volunteers, Cyndi Carpentieri and Lisa Flaherty. Once again, Angela Stanley opened her home. Four interviews were conducted, with Jessie Draper, Kate Van Cantfort and Emma Van Cantfort Carpenter, Sarah Baugh, and another marcher who chose to remain anonymous. 



Jessie Draper and Lisa Flaherty (left)                              
Kate Van Cantfort, Emma Van Cantfort Carpenter and
Cyndi Carpentieri (right)







Sarah Baugh and Lisa Flaherty

Group Trip to Milledgeville, GA

On Saturday, March 2, 2019, archivist Morna Gerrard traveled to Milledgeville, GA with two volunteers -- Cyndi Carpentieri and Lisa Flaherty. Archivist Nancy Davis Bray opened the doors of Georgia College's Special Collections at the Russell Library, and Jessica McQuain organized interviews with four Marchers -- Stephanie McClure, Sara Doude, Jessica McQuain, and Monica Miller.

Stephanie McClure and Cyndi Carpentieri (left)
Sara Doude and Cyndi Carpentieri (right)







Jessica McQuaine and Morna Gerrard (left)
Monica Miller and Lisa Flaherty (right)



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