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Christina Berner: Hand-painted canvas sign: "People Power; We Rise"

Emily Halevy: 2 signs: "ATL (heart) John Lewis"; National Organization for Women (NOW) "Intersectional Feminism"

Liz Mytinger: 4 signs: "If you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have a moral obligation to do something about it ~ Rep John Lewis"; "We demand progress not regress"; "Girls just want to have fun-damental rights!"; "United we fight for all women's rights"

Tina Seetoo: "District 5 Resistance"

J. Calvin Smith: "America's women deserve so much better!"

Wendy Yandle-Smith: "If you are neutral in situations of have chosen the side of the oppressor ~ Desmond Tutu"


Kristina Graves: 5 buttons: "Cats against Trump"; "No thank you"; "Seriously America?": "Resist fascism"; "Keep your tiny hands off my pussy"

Tania Sammons: 1 button: "Women's March on Washington: We Stand Together in Solidarity for the Protection of Our Rights, Safety, Health, Families"



Kristina Graves: Knitted pussy hat with five (5) buttons

Emily Halevy: Fleece Pussy Hat with ears

Marie Head: Knitted Pussy Hat (pink with blue stripes)

Liz Mytinger: Knitted Pussy Hat



Emily Halevy: White t-shirt with purple text, "Women's March on Washington. Atlanta, Georgia. 2017"



Emily Halevy: Purple sash, " Women's March 2017"

Flyers and Pamphlets

Wendy Yandle-Smith: pink card, "Woman Card. You've been dealt the joker! *Earn 79% compared to men. *Be blamed when the victim of a crime. *Economic and political concerns trivialized as "women's issues". Thanks for playing." Verso, "Don't get Trumped!"


Lylia Lucia: Blue sticker, "Good Trouble. Proud to be from Georgia's 5th"; red bumper sticker, "Love Not Hate Makes GA's 5th District Great!"

Tina Seetoo: Blue sticker, "Good Trouble. Proud to be from Georgia's 5th"; red bumper sticker, "Love Not Hate Makes GA's 5th District Great!"

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