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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

Seminal SoTL Articles

Barr, R. & Tagg, J. "From teaching to learning-A new paradigm for undergraduate education."
Change, Nov/Dec 1995, 27(6) pp. 13-23.

Bass, R. "The Scholarship of Teaching: What’s the Problem?" Inventio: Creative Thinking About Learning and Teaching, Feb. 1999, 1(1).

Learn More About the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

SoTL has been defined as the following:

  • the evidence-based study of teaching and learning which is focused on student learning, grounded in context, methodologically sound, conducted in partnership with students, and publicly disseminated (Felten 2013).

  • it uses discovery, reflection, and evidence-based methods to research effective teaching and student learning. Findings are peer-reviewed and publicly disseminated in an ongoing cycle of systematic inquiry into classroom practices (University of Central Florida).