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Science and Technology Sources - Handouts: Step by Step Using Cochrane Library

Here you can find the handouts and instructions for using many of the library's Science and Technology databases as well as Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology.

Step by Step Using Cochrane Library

Step by Step Using Cochrane Library

Cochrane Library consists of terse, medical, literature reviews that help find best practices for diagnoses and interventions. Cochrane is an authoritative, if somewhat skeptical, voice for evidence based medicine. Here is how to use it step by step.

Getting to Cochrane Reviews

1) Start with the library web page

2) Choose C from the alphabet beneath the big search box. Scroll down to Cochrane Library and click it.

A map of the cochrane web site

3) Cocharne Library offers you four ways to explore.

Cadeucus Wild icon You can browse the Highlighted Reviews or Current Issue (link at the bottom of the Highlighted Reviews)

Cadeucus Wild iconYou can browse by Topic.

Cadeucus Wild iconYou can browse by Review Group. The link is below the topics and near the bottom of the page.

Cadeucus Wild iconYou can search for reviews using keywords in the box above the magenta stripe near the top of the page.


Searching Cochrane Reviews

1) Medical searches frequently contain two concepts. For example nutrition for cancer patients, searches as AND Cancer . The AND brings the two ideas together so you can search where they overlap.

Boolean search for Cochrane library

3) Cochrane Library presents results in groups of twenty-five (25).

4) The different color tabs beneath the article code for different sorts of research. Review means completed review.

close up of Review tags in Cochrante Library


Here are three Cochrane Library articles with their tags
Selecting for only completed reviews in Cochrane Library 5) To restrict only to completed reviews, click the Review radio dot i n the facets on the left side of the page.

6) To read a review, click on its blue title.

7) To move between pages of reviews, choose from the Pages links at the top and bottom of the results list.

What to Do with Cochrane Reviews

1) To print a Cochrane Review, make sure you activate your menu bar in Edge and FireFox and choose Print under File, or select Print from the right side top menu in Chrome. To activate a menu bar, right click in an empty area of the browser's top bar.

(Please avoid the Edge browser.)
Getting ready to print by turning on the menu bar in FireFox
This is where you can find the PDF icon for your Cochrane Review articles This is where you can email links to your Cochrane Review articles 2) Because Cochrane Reviews are long, you can save paper and printouts, by downloading a PDF version of your review.

To obtain a PDF version,click the bright red PDF icon near the top of the page on the left side, then download your document. You can than attach this document to email to yourself or save it to a flash drive.

3) To email a Cochrane Review link toyourself, click the gray Share icon on the top right side of the page and select the gray email envelope.

Note: email does not send whole articles just links. You will need to log into the library's databses at home to read the article.

4) You can also use a Cochrane review for a source of actual primary literature, journal articles on your topic. To reach the articles scroll way down into your review or click the References to Studies Included link in the facets box on the right side of the page.

Here is a single reference in Cochrane Library. Notice the text SFX link

5) References in Cochrane Reviews come with SFX text links (like the blue or silver Find It box, as well as links to other publishers and providers). About half the references are actual full text.

6) The rest are available throgh interlibrary loan.