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PHED: Personal Health and Wellness: Cite your sources

Guide for PHED 2022 Personal and Community Health and PHED 2006 First Aid and CPR as well as other health and wellness topics for non-health professionals.

Quick Links

Citation Information

Where do I get the information for my citations?

  • From the work itself
  • In the library catalog
  • In the research database

When printing a PDF document in EBSCOHost, be sure you have printed both the article and the citation information.

Many of these sources have citation helpers, but you cannot trust that the formatting is correct; always double check it yourself!

Citation Help video

Watch this video for a demonstration about citation information:

When to cite

When do I cite?

Always use citations when:

  • quoting directly from a source
  • including statistics or other factual information
  • paraphrasing or summarizing an author's main idea

For more tips, see this guide from Duke University Libraries.

MLA Style Guides

How to format citations in MLA style on your list of works cited:

APA Style Handouts

Online Citation Guides