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Step by Step with Literary Criticism - Handouts: Step by Step with Literature Resource Center

This is where you find the handouts that teach you to search GPC's literature databases step-by-step.

Step by Step with Literature Resource Index

Step by Step with Gale Literature Resource Center

Literature Resource Center is a student favorite for finding full-text criticisms of short stories, plays, poems, and more. This handout demystifies searching this resource and explains some of its newer features.

1) Start at the library web page.

2) Choose G from the alphabet below the big box.

The world famous database alphabet on the GSU Library web page

3) Carefully scroll down and select Gale Literature Resource Center.

You will need to log in with your Panther ID and password if you are not already logged in.

Searching With the Main Box

For literary works with longer titles, the main search box is the gateway to criticisms and analyses.

1) Type in your work's title and click on the magnifying glass to launch your search.

Gale Literature Resource Center's search box ready to go

3) Literature Resource Center offers you literature criticisms in pages of twenty references. References lead to full text essays, journal articles, and journal artilcle reprints. (See on next page.)

4) You can move from one page to another with the numbers at the bottom of the page.
Article references about Connecticut Yankee in Gale Literature Reference Center

5) You can also select Overviews, Biography, and Primary sources from the icons at the top of the page.

Types of articles available through Gale Literature Reference Center

6) To view an article click on its gray-blue title link.

7) To email or download the article, choose from the icons

at the top of the article icons for emailing or saving an article

The citation article with others near the top of the page in Gale Literature Resource Center 8) To cite the article click the cite icon, or scroll to the bottom of the page, and copy the citation from the box. Remember to check over all machine-made citations.

9) To return to the results page, click Results in the page's top left corner or use the back arrow.

Works or Person Searching

Sometimes (especially for shorter titles) or if you want to know more about your author, person or works searching in Gale Literature Resource Center works better than the big box.

1) To search for a particular work, click the Works Search icon in the white ribbon near the top of the page. To search for your author click the Person Search icon in the white ribbon near the top of the page.

Works and Person Search are near the top of most pages in Gale Literature Resource Center

2) Type in your author's name or the title of your work and click the magnifying glass.

3) Gale Literature Resource Center returns the correct spelling (last name, first) for your author and complete title for your work. Select your name or title, to see criticism articles.