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Step by Step with Literary Criticism - Handouts: Table of Contents

This is where you find the handouts that teach you to search GPC's literature databases step-by-step.

Literary Criticism Step-by-Step Contents

Where to Go

For electronic reference books of literary criticism please visit the Step by Step with Literary Reference Books page.

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Search GIL-Find

Search Literature Resource Center

Search Literary Reference Center

Search MLA International Bibliography

Search JSTOR.

Handouts for Literature Criticism Articles

If you are interested in learning to search GALILEO's literature databases to find criticisms and analyses, you have reached the right place. These handouts demystify the wide variety of available databases and help you find what you're looking for step-by-step.

And remember, a page that leads to guides to Literature Criticism Reference ebooks is coming soon.
Ink, Computer, Reference materials all about literature

Step by Step Literary Searching with GIL-Find -- Learn how to use GIL-Find to find books that feature literary criticisms and that you can also take home.

Step by Step with Gale Literature Resource Center -- Learn how to find overviews and criticism of a variety of literary works.

Step by Step with Literary Reference Center -- A step-by-step guide to finding more criticism articles about books, plays, poems, and short stories.

Step by Step with MLA International BibliographyThough not entirely full text, this is still gold standard for literature criticism databases. Learn how to search it step by step

Step by Step with JSTOR -- Learn to search for scholarly articles, including literary criticism, on this entirely, full text database