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ENGL 1101 Adolph Spring 2024: In Class Brainstorming

Synonyms & Like Terms to Use for Research


Life’s work, trade, occupation, profession, employment, job, vocation, the daily grind, hustle, gig, field, business, passion, job title, day job, labor, wages, salary

Family work scripts

Family pressure, family dynamic, family influence, family expectation, family order, legacy, history, heritage, culture, environment, family business, family work ethic, family work habits, habitual co-existence, co-dependence, generational wealth, generational poverty, generational trauma, historical trauma, guilt/trip, gender roles, patriarchy, matriarchy, immigrant experience – pressure, family caretaker, caretaking roles, Mormon – polygamy


Racial trauma, depression, gender roles, misogyny, emotional trauma, attachment disorder, bipolar, physical trauma, verbal trauma, PTSD, communication issues, anxiety, abuse, emotional neglect, speech impediments, elder abuse, bullying, historical trauma, sexual abuse, witnessing trauma/ second hand trauma, internalized trauma, trauma healing, trauma neglect, repression, isolation, introversion/shyness – trauma related, social anxiety