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ENGL 1101 Adolph Spring 2024: Assignment

Research Paper

  Trauma and Career Drama- Argumentative Essay In this 3-5-page argumentative essay, you are tasked with exploring the influence of family-related trauma or family work scripts on college students' career choices. Your objective is to critically analyze the extent to which these factors impact career decisions. Support your argument with evidence, personal experiences, and relevant research. Guidelines: Introduction: Introduce the topic and its significance. Present a clear thesis statement outlining your stance on how family-related trauma or family work scripts affect college students' career choices. Body: Provide a comprehensive analysis of how family-related trauma can either profoundly or minimally influence career decisions. Reference relevant research or studies that support or contradict your arguments. Explore how individuals may overcome or cope with the impact of family-related trauma on their career paths. Counterarguments: Address potential counterarguments or opposing viewpoints. Provide evidence or reasoning to refute counterarguments and strengthen your position.