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JOUR 4040/COMM 6040: Media History (Carrie Whitney, Fall 2023): Searching for Audiovisual Materials

Looking for Films or TV Shows?

The library has several streaming film databases:

To link to a film in one of these databases, look for the "permalink" in the film's database (and/or the "Share" option). 

We are not able to provide access to commercial film streaming sites like Netflix or Hulu (and so on) as these sites do not sell licenses to libraries or institutions. The site provides information on commercial streaming options for films and television shows, which can help you identify low-cost options where possible.

If you have a public library card/account*, you may be able to stream films through that library account. Contact that library directly to see what your access options are.

*GSU students and faculty are eligible to get a library card from the Fulton County Public Library System, which does provide access to some streaming films. Learn more about getting a card here.

Does the Library Provide Access to a Particular Film or TV Show?

If we have a film or television series season available for viewing -- either as a DVD or via streaming -- it will be listed in the library's catalog.

To search for films in the library’s catalog:

  • Select Advanced Search
  • Type the title in one box and select “Title” from the dropdown menu
  • Select “Visual Materials” in the Format dropdown, like this:

DVDs have been moved to storage. If the film or TV series season that you want is only available as a DVD, the catalog record will include a link that lets you request the DVD from storage. For example, we have Medium Cool on DVD:

A little further down in the catalog record you'll see the link to the Storage Request Form:

Retrieval of a DVD can take up to 2 hours -- you will be notified by email when the DVD is ready for checkout.

Broadcast transcripts

Resources for searchable text transcripts of TV news coverage. Some include video, some don't.

Other TV News Sources