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Reproductive Rights: Statistics and Data

From the AJC Photographic Archives

Planned Parenthood representative speaking at rally in response to the Supreme Court ruling Webster v. Reproductive Health Services, Atlanta, Georgia, July 3, 1989.

AJCNS1989-07-03-01d, Atlanta Journal-Constitution Photographic Archives. Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library.

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Morna Gerrard

Gender & Sexuality Collections Archivist


Charlene Martoni

Outreach Librarian for the Social Sciences 

Survey Data on Reproductive Rights Topics, 1972-2012

The General Social Survey (GSS) "takes the pulse of America" on a vast number of topics, with national-level data collected beginning in 1972 to present.

For online analysis of GSS data, try this tool: SDA

RELEVANT VARIABLES under SDA's Controversial Social Issues category:

  • Abortion – 18 questions addressing pro/con arguments, restriction scenarios, importance of issue, and husband's consent.
  • Family Planning, Sex, and Contraception – 9 questions addressing family size, birth control, and sex education.
  • Abortion Two – 4 questions addressing restriction scenarios and legality.
  • Women’s Rights – 1 question addressing whether a wife should be able to refuse to have children.


For help using the SDA tool, contact Mandy at

Download GSS data to do more sophisticated analyses via statistical software (such as SPSS, SAS, or STATA) - you can download the entire dataset, pre-constructed subsets, or create customized subsets of the data using NESSTAR or SDA.  To identify variables for the entire dataset and/or specific years, browse the variables by index online, or browse the entire GSS codebook (download the PDF).

* Date range as of 7/19/2013.

    Other Datasets & Statistics

    Links to various resources for downloading data for quantitative analysis - keyword search for your topics to find individual datasets: