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Comparative Study of Mysticism: Subject Guide: Find Books

Research tools and tips for the study of mysticism in various religious traditions

Catalog Relationships

catalog relationships

GIL: Searches only items in the GSU Library

GIL Universal Catalog: Searches the contents of 35 academic libraries in Georgia

WorldCat: Searches 10,000 libraries worldwide.

Search the GSU Library Catalog

Search the GSU Library GIL-Find Catalog
Note: Using this feature will take you away from this subject guide.

For more complex searches, use the Advanced Search option.
Search Tips:
  • Use quotes to search for phrases:
    • "Christian mysticism"
  • Use * for wild card searches:
    • mystic* will return mystic, mystics, and mystical, mysticism
  • Use AND, OR and NOT to narrow or broaden your search. Note: AND, OR, NOT, must be ALL caps:
    • faith AND belief - to retrieve results that include both terms
    • faith OR belief - to retrieve results that contain either term
    • faith NOT belief - to retrieve results that contain the term liberty but NOT freedom
  • You can create more complex searches by using the words AND, OR, NOT, in combination with parentheses:
    • Augustine AND (vision OR ascent) AND Ostia AND myst*

Get Books From Other Libraries

Use the options listed below to find books not in the GSU library:

1.  The GSU Library Catalog allows you to search and request books from any University System of Georgia library. To use, choose "University System of Georgia" from the dropdown menu to the left of the "Search" button. After you find the book you need, click the "Log in to enable GIL Express Requests" link to have the book transferred to the GSU Library. Requests take anywhere from 4-7 days to arrive at the GSU library.

2.  You can also check out books in person from any University System of Georgia Library or Emory University's libraries using your PantherCard. Call the library before you go for information on their borrowing policies.

3.  If you still are not finding enough information, use the WorldCat database, which allows you to search the collections of libraries throughout the world. Books located in WorldCat can be ordered via the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) ILLiad system. To do so, first locate the book you would like to request in the WorldCat database. Then, log into  ILLiad with your library ID number (on the back of your PantherCard) to place a request. ILL requests may take two weeks or more to arrive at the GSU Library, so plan ahead.

Still stuck? Ask a librarian for help.

Where's My Book?

When you search GIL-Find, GSU Library's Online catalog, get this information to find the book:

  • Call number
  • Location
  • Status (Checked Out, Not Checked Out, Renewed, etc.)

The following web page provides additional information

* * * * * *

Wondering what all those letters and numbers mean?

Check out the Library of Classification Outline to see what the letters-followed-by-numbers mean!

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