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Comparative Study of Mysticism: Subject Guide: Find Books

Research tools and tips for the study of mysticism in various religious traditions

Catalog Relationships

catalog relationships

GIL: Searches only items in the GSU Library

GIL Universal Catalog: Searches the contents of 35 academic libraries in Georgia

WorldCat: Searches 10,000 libraries worldwide.

Search the GSU Library Catalog

Search the GSU Library GIL-Find Catalog
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For more complex searches, use the Advanced Search option.
Search Tips:
  • Use quotes to search for phrases:
    • "Christian mysticism"
  • Use * for wild card searches:
    • mystic* will return mystic, mystics, and mystical, mysticism
  • Use AND, OR and NOT to narrow or broaden your search. Note: AND, OR, NOT, must be ALL caps:
    • faith AND belief - to retrieve results that include both terms
    • faith OR belief - to retrieve results that contain either term
    • faith NOT belief - to retrieve results that contain the term liberty but NOT freedom
  • You can create more complex searches by using the words AND, OR, NOT, in combination with parentheses:
    • Augustine AND (vision OR ascent) AND Ostia AND myst*

Where's My Book?

When you search GIL-Find, GSU Library's Online catalog, get this information to find the book:

  • Call number
  • Location
  • Status (Checked Out, Not Checked Out, Renewed, etc.)

The following web page provides additional information

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Wondering what all those letters and numbers mean?

Check out the Library of Classification Outline to see what the letters-followed-by-numbers mean!