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History: Primary Sources: Microform Collections

Microfilm -- Still Relevant!

Creative Commons licensed photo by Flickr user OSU Archives.

How Do I Find...?

Titles on microfiche or microfilm are cataloged in GIL-Find, like books or journals.

In the new catalog, there is no way to limit a search to Microform (i.e., microfilm or microfiche)

If an item is available only on microfilm or microfiche, that information will be in the library catalog's record for the item. 

Many microfilm/microfiche items are held in storage, but can be retrieved within a set period of time by clicking on the "request" link in the item's library catalog record.

Microfilms at GSU: A Sampler

Microfiche at GSU: A Sampler

History Librarian

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Lauren Bellard
Library South
Suite 542

How Do I Read This?

Microfilm/microfiche readers are available on Library North 1, in the microforms area.

You can print or scan to PDF from these machines.

Instructions for using the machines are available nearby.

If you have questions, ask at the User Services Desk on Library North 1.