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+Open Educational Resources (OERs)

Introduction to OERs and resources from OER presentations

OER, Affordable Content, and Student Success webinar

How can librarians help with OERs and other Textbook Alternatives?

  • Advocate
    • Increase awareness of OERs among faculty and administrators
    • Participate in conversations about OERs state-wide ....and beyond
  • Educate
    • Lead workshops for faculty about finding and using OERs
    • Help students use software related to OERs, such as PDF readers
  • Find/Collect
    • Help instructors locate OER resources for their classes (and library resources, where appropriate!)
    • Add OERs to the library catalog and/or aggregate in LibGuides.
  • Advise - Librarians often have advanced knowledge about...
    • e-Book formats (including PDF, html, wikis, and interactive software)
    • Creative Commons licenses and other copyright issues
  • Create content - Include links to library resources and write information literacy content for faculty-created OERs.
  • Publish - Some libraries have OER publishing initiatives.  
  • Sponsor - Provide/administer grant funding to facilitate creation, adoption, and adaptation of OERs.