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+Open Educational Resources (OERs)

Introduction to OERs and resources from OER presentations

Special Libraries Association Presentation 2022

Learn More - Mentioned in the presentation

Intersections of OER and Information Literacy. Edited by Mary Ann Cullen and Elizabeth Dill. (2022). Chicago, Illinois: Association of College and Research Libraries.

  • Mary Ann Cullen, OER, Open Pedagogy, and Information Literacy: A Primer
  • Lindsey Gumb, OER-Enabled Pedagogy Meets Info Lit: Empowering the Next Generation of Open Scholars
  • Christina Riehman-Murphy, Situated Learning and Open Pedagogy: Pathways for Undergraduate Students’ Emerging Information Literacies
  • Kathy Swart, Critical Librarianship and Open Education: A Solution to Information Injustice
  • Roger Gillis, Open GLAM as OER: Digital Cultural Heritage and the Intersections of Primary Source Literacy and Information Literacy

OER & and Academic Library [Special Issue]. Edited by Elizabeth Dill and Mary Ann Cullen. Library Trends, 69, 339- 487.

Learn More - NOT mentioned in the presentation

General OER information

Copyright and Creative Commons

Publishing OER

  • Open Textbook Network Publishing Orientation Self-guided course on open publishing, periodically Open Textbook Network offers and interactive, real time version -- see videos below for the Spring meetings.
  • Pub 101 Playlist for Spring 2022 (YouTube) - Covers publishing projects from supporting faculty OER projects to Publishing programs.

Sources used in the presentation

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“Creative Commons license” Wikipedia.

"Price Changes (1996-2016): Selected Consumer Goods and Services." Mark Perry. AEIdeas Blog.

Student average textbook cost: 2021 data Reported by Education Data Initiative.

Human Anatomy & Physiology. (cover image) Elaine N. Marieb and Katja Hoben. Price information from Georgia State University Bookstore website.

World History Textbook comparison: 

  • World History, 9th ed. (cover image) by William Duiker. Price information from Georgia State University bookstore webiste.
  • World History textbook OER from University of North Georgia Press website:

Data from OER surveys and impact

  • Fixing the Broken Textbook Market. 2014. United States Public Interest Research Group report.
  • "Adopting OER is Better for Everyone Involved." David Lumen blog.

  • "Adopting OER: A Case Study of Cross-Institutional Collaboration and Innovation."  2013. Nancy Pawlyshyn, Braddlee Braddlee, Linda Casper and Howard Miller.

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  • From Lindsey Gumb chapter: Website by Heather Miceli and student authors. : CC-BY-NC-S.A 4.0
  • Image on site:  "What is Artificial Intelligence" by Dinesh Rathva is Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0
  • Open Stax Instructor resources (remix of page segments)
  • Animation Physics. Alejandro Garcia.   (example of OER that is not a textbook)
  • General Principles of Chemistry. 2022. Textbook by Antara Dutta, Maher Atteya, Ahmed A. Baosman, et. al. with original interactive exercises by Jeremy Speed-Schwartz. 
  • Culturally Competent English and more examples:
    • Seiferle-Valencia, M. (2020). It's Not (Just) About the Cost: Academic Libraries and Intentionally Engaged OER for Social Justice. Library Trends, 69(2), 469-487. 
    • OER and Social Justice with Marco Seiferle-Valencia Transcript (podcast), JUNE 10, 2021 / JOSIE GRAY /
  • Source (not example) Gallant, Jeff “Even More Open: Inclusive Design in Open Educational Resources.” Carterette Series webinar October 27, 2021

  • Hall, Barbara and Wallace, Elizabeth, "College ESL Writers: Applied Grammar and Composing Strategies for Success" (2018). English Open Textbooks. 14.

  • An Introduction to African and Afro-Diasporic Peoples and Influences in British Literature and Culture before the Industrial Revolution. 2021.  By Jonathan Elmore and Jenni Halpin.

  • Source (not example) Wiley, D. (2013, October 21). What is Open Pedagogy? (discussion of disposable assignment)

  • Recipe Transcription project

    • Article: Christina Riehman-Murphy, "Situated Learning and Open Pedagogy: Pathways for Undergraduate Students’ Emerging Information Literacies," 2022. Intersections of OER and Information Literacy.

    • Website:

    • Transcribed recipe example: Medicinal and Cookery Recipes of Mary Baumfylde. June 1626.

  • Anna Murray Douglass Project
    • See Culturally Competent English
    • Image of Anna Murray Douglass in public domain
    • Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives: 
  • Kathy Swart, "Critical Librarianship and Open Education: A Solution to Information Injustice." 2022.  Intersections of OER and Information Literacy. (Diversifying Humanities Curriculum and correcting misinformation.)

  • Antonio Henrique Amaral, Notumo (etching). 1959. Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación/ Museo Nacional del Grabado. Foto: Diana B. Hoffmann - Casa Nacional del Bicentenario/ Secretaría de Cultura de la Nación. 

  • Open Access at the Met.

  • Camille Carot. A Woman Reading (painting). 1869 and 1870.

  • ENGL 1102 Spring 2022 (Novokshanova): Making a Website (LibGuide) by Sheeji Kathuria and Mary Ann Cullen.