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Media Industries: Company Info

Resources for researching the business side of the entertainment industries.

Who Owns Who?

  • Who Owns What?
    from Columbia Journalism Review has the most comprehensive guide to media conglomerates
  • has an interactive guide.

Company Research Databases

All databases are accessible off-campus with campus ID & password authentication.

Database Name What it's good for...
  • Basic company info
  • Company History
Mergent Online
  • Subsidiaries list (with conglomerate-owned percentages)
  • Detailed info on company leadership--ages, salaries
  • Competitors list
  • 10-K reports
  • Annual reports
Business Source Complete
  • Basic company info
  • SWOT reports

What the *#$& is a SWOT Report and how do you get one?

SWOT stands for

Strengths    Weaknesses    Opportunities    Threats

  • Prepared by Datamonitor and Global Data, impartial financial research firms
  • Think of them like a doctor’s medical chart: meant to give a quick overview of the patient’s health (but the patient = a large corporation)

How to get a SWOT report:

  1. Go to Business Source Complete
  2. Click on SWOT Analyses:

  3. Search your company's name:

  4. You should land at your company’s SWOT page, listing reports for all available years:

Film & Media Librarian

What's a 10-K???

For quick definitions of business terms,
check out to the
Washington Post's
Business A to Z