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ENGL 1101 Online: Research Databases - Best Bets

Video tutorial-based guide for English 1101 Online

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Use this page to go to databases frequently recommended for ENGL 1101 projects and learn how to use them. 

Discover search
Opposing Viewpoints
News & Newspapers (ProQuest)

If you need more options, go to "Browse by Subjects"  to identify databases for your topic.

Discover Search

  • Requires GALILEO password off-campus.
  • Searches many (not all) databases at once. It includes Academic Search Complete and other EBSCOHost databases.
  • Be sure you use limiters to narrow by format, date of publication, etc.
  • For more about how to use the Discover Search, see the Research Databases How-To page.

News & Newspapers from ProQuest News

GALILEO password

Find the GALILEO password on the iCollege homepage.

No GALILEO password is needed when accessing GSU's databases from the library homepage or in iCollege.  

You will need the GALILEO password if you log into GALILEO directly or you are trying to open a permalink.