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Linking to articles: Films On Demand

Creating persistent URLs or PURLs

Films on Demand

Films on Demand

Finding the stable URL in Films On Demand:

Look up your film.

Click on the film’s title to get the full display.

Scroll down near the bottom of the page to find the “Segment URL”

Here’s an example of what a “Segment URL” looks like:

Copy and paste the "Segment URL" into your coursepage.

If you use this method, the prompt for access from off-campus will ask you for the GALILEO password.


If you want, you can edit the segment URL so that it prompts for the Campus ID and password instead of the GALILEO password.  To do this, add the GSU proxy prefix in front of the segment URL.

The GSU proxy prefix is:

Here's what the segment URL listed in the example above looks like after it is edited to prompt for the Campus ID and password: