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SPSS 1, SPSS 2, & SPSS 3 Workshop Materials

SPSS Workshop Files





eBook - The 5 Things to Know About Statistics

SPSS ~ GSU Access + Additional Learning Resources

SPSS is on ALL of the University Library computers - it's listed as IBM SPSS.

Other access options:

  • Via the vLab virtual desktop environment
    • If you're off-campus, you'll also need to download and login to the VPN.
    • The vLab allows a maximum of 300 concurrent users.
  • Available for download to your own personal computers from the GSU Software download page (but only if you are a faculty or staff member)
  • Students can purchase the SPSS GradPack version at a discounted price from the University System of Georgia (USG) Technology Store
    • After creating an account and logging in, click the ‘For Home’ option and click Brand, and you’ll see SPSS listed.
    • Click the SPSS icons until you get to the main SPSS record page, scroll to and click the linked text in the Overview section referring to purchasing, click which GradPack version is desired, and then there’s a range from Base to Standard to Premium versions and duration of license.   

Questions re: Statistical Analysis?

Questions re: doing statistical analysis?

Below are some FAQs about SPSS, SAS, Stata, and R as well as tips for when to use what statistical analysis software, converting files amongst different softwares, and choosing what statistical analyses to run given your variable types.

Statistical Analysis Software
How to do Statistical Analysis

Finding & Collecting Data ~ Resources

The resources highlighted on the Statistics and Data guide's Finding Raw Data tab will enable you to find existing raw data (or "datasets") with which to do your own data analysis.


The resources on the Statistics and Data guide's Collecting New Data tab include information about the Qualtrics survey tool, tips and places to identify existing surveys and measurement scales, and links to GSU's Human Subjects/IRB sources.