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Welcome to SAS

SAS – Bloor ResearchWHAT is SAS?

Statistical Analysis System, or SAS, is a very popular statistical software program for data management and data analysis. SAS is a paid-for program developed and operated by the SAS institute that works on Windows and Mac platforms. SAS does offer a free "University Edition" of the program for non commercial users.

WHY use SAS?

SAS is a powerful tool that is well suited for large datasets and detailed analysis. There are a 'point-click' and coding options, with the SAS programming language, to manipulate data and conduct analysis in SAS. There is also a social media analytics option available for the program. 

HOW is SAS used for data analysis?

The SAS coding language is based on two series of statements. DATA steps for data retrieval and manipulation. PROC (procedure) steps for data analysis. Below are areas that SAS can be used for data analysis. 

  • General data analysis
  • Multivariate analysis
  • Business intelligence
  • Predictive modeling
  • Social medial analytics 

Accessing SAS at GSU

Option 1: On Campus Access: 

SAS can be found on all GSU Library PCs: Floors 1-4 (not available on Library Macs, because there is no Mac version of SAS)

Graduate Biostatistics Computer Lab (SPH): 6th floor of the Urban Life building (swipe card access required)

Option 2: Download on your personal PC: 

Free SAS license available to GSU students, faculty, and staff via Technology Services (download required; check system requirements). 

Option 3: Access via VLab, GSU's Remote Desktop Environment

Download and Connect to Cisco AnyConnect Client to connect to GSU's VPN (

Once connected to the VPN, login to VLab at: to access SAS.

Option 4: Access via SAS OnDemand for Academics

If you do not already have one, create a SAS profile at:

Sign in with credentials and click SAS® Studio to access the web-based SAS environment.