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"Issue" Sources

The following resources are useful when trying to decide on a topic to research, as well as for basic background information.

Welcome - How to Use this Guide

This guide is a starting point for research in Contemporary Issues in the Study of Religion.   Use the resources on this page to locate information in newspapers, magazines, journals, and books, as well as encyclopedias and "issue" sources (pro/con sources) on your topic. Click the TABS above to navigate to the appropriate section of the guide.  I will be updating the guide regularly and welcome your suggestions and feedback. My contact information is on the right. Please contact me if you need assistance. 

How to use this guide:

  1. Read the information on the Research Tips page.
  2. Search the "Issue" Sources on the left-hand side of this page for topic ideas.
  3. Browse the newspaper web sites, blogs, and online magazine sources listed on the News, Blogs, Websites page for additional topic ideas.
  4. Once you have settled on a topic, search the Newspaper Article Databases on the News, Blogs, Websites page for current and historical newspaper articles on  your topic.
  5. Search for Magazine and Scholarly Journal articles on your topic
  6. Search for Books on your topic.
  7. If you still are not finding enough information on  your topic, try searching Google Scholar, or contact me using the contact information on the right.

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