*Political Science Subject Guide

A starting point for general political science research.

What is SPSS?

SPSS is a Windows based program that can be used to perform data entry and analysis and to create tables and graphs. SPSS is capable of handling large amounts of data and can perform all of the analyses covered in the text and much more.
SPSS is installed on every public PC in the library and computer lab. Click here for a list of software installed on campus lab computers.
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Why Use SPSS?

Excellent graphic user interface makes statistics analysis easier. At the same time, the package still supports syntax programs which offers flexibility and time-effectiveness. SPSS allows you to:
  • manage, analyse, manipulate and display data,
  • quickly and accurately perform an enormous number of statistical functions,
  • present results in a range of formats including graphically,
  • errors are less likely to occur and effort can be devoted to interpreting results.

Online Tutorials

The following are just a few of the tutorials available on the internet on using SPSS for statistical analysis. 

SPSS Books in the GSU Library

The following are just a few of the books on using SPSS for data analysis available in the GSU Library. For a list of additional books, click here