*Political Science Subject Guide

A starting point for general political science research.

Why Use Reference Sources?

REFERENCE sources are a great starting place for exploring a topic. Definitions, overviews, chronologies, facts, and biographies are just some of the types of information found in reference works.


ENCYCLOPEDIAS provide summaries of knowledge on specific topics.
The following is a selection of the many encyclopedias available on the topic of political science. 


BIOGRAPHIES provide a history or account of a person's life.
The biographies on this page provide brief accounts of political scientists, heads of state, politicians, and other influential figures in politics.

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An ALMANAC is an annual publication devoted to the facts and statistics of a given subject.
The almanacs on this page provide basic factual information and statistics about the United States and other countries.


DICTIONARIES provide definitions of political terms and concepts as well as their usage. They help to clarify terminology and can provide clues to useful search keywords.